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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Road Construction Changed Location

This is interesting...

A concrete road measuring 8.36 km that was to be constructed beside Miss. Peace Bonner's house and the railway tracks began at a much different location, and work was in full swing until villagers found that the material being used was of low grade and objection was raised by the forest department. The location was then not noticed or was not considered an issue. but on objections, the work was temporarily stopped.

At the beginning of the road that started from the main road (Nehru Road) was the foundation stone which was inaugurated by Mr. Glen Galstaun, the Anglo-Indian M.L.A. and it stated clearly the supposed location.

It is believed that this is a 2.5 crore project. The road construction work began on the previously built concrete road to the Birhor Colony. This was done deliberately to save on material to be used. Even more, if the road was constructed on the meant to be route, large bridges would have to be built.

Now the work has restated so the matter was brought to the notice of Mr. Galstaun and he said he will raise the issue in the Vidhan Sabha and will also report the matter to the Rural Development Minister, Mr. Neelkantha Singh Munda for investigation. Here are cuttings of the news on two dates.

Prabhat Khabar, 14/03/2015, page 09

Prabhat Khabar, 15/03/2015, page 05 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Noel Perth Gordon passed away

One of the old settlers and a prominent figure of McCluskiegunj, Mr. Noel Perth Gordon passed away early this morning.
Noel was the owner of the 'Gordon Hostel' and 'Gordon Guest House'. He was well known by people of McCluskiegunj as Noel Uncle.
The burial ceremony took place in the McCluskiegunj cemetery at 5:45 pm where a large no. of people came to pay their last respects to the departed soul. Among them were our M.L.A., Glen Galstaun and Surendra Nath Pandey including the Principal and staff of the Don Bosco Academy. McCluskiegunj has lost a well known personality.
Noel came to McCluskiegunj with his parents in 1958 when he was just a 10 year old boy. He was the son of William and Nancy Gordon. Noel was deeply attached to McCluskiegunj and was not to leave the Gunj for the love of anything.
He shall be remembered and missed by all those who knew him.
May his soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Airtel, it's Network at McCluskiegunj

Hi folks. Its been nearly a month since AirTel launched it's 3G service in McCluskiegunj. Since then it's 2G service has been playing up.
When 3G is active, 2G isn't and when 2G is working fine, 3G plays up.
Yesterday I recharged my net pack to use the net via phone. Rs. 155 For 525 Mb valid for 28 days, and each time I disconnect, it is billing me and displaying the validity till 16th Feb.
Another issue is the call divert system. AIRTEL automatically inserts a no. in the divert section of phones which is irritating most of the times. Suppose your phone is out of reach or switched off when somebody is trying to call you, you are supposed to know not of it. But when you switch on your phone, you get a message of the same followed by a missed call from that particular no.
Once I switched on my phone after a while and received a message from Airtel informing me that my brother-in law tried calling me. I called back straight away. While speaking to him I got a missed call from his no.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Glen Galstaun Elected M.L.A. Again!

Today, finally it was decided that Glen Galstaun has been elected M.L.A. to represent the Anglo-Indian community in Jharkhand once again.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Arjun Munda Did NOT Meet Anglo Indians in McCluskiegunj

The news about Arjun Munda meeting the Anglo Indians of McCluskiegunj is FALSE.
He did come down with some motive it seems but he did NOT meet Anglo Indians here. He went straight to the Gordon's residence where he met the Gordons and that was all. No other A.I. Was informed or invited to meet or even see him for a matter of fact.
Just an hour ago the tv channel 'Nakshatra' claimed that he visited Anglo Indians here. It seems that the Gordons are the only Anglos in McCluskiegunj.
Why is this false news being telecaste or printed?
Politics is the answer.
Other Anglo Indians are hurt for being left out. THEY have hope and trust in the new B.J.P. Government and this is just the begining...

Friday, January 2, 2015


The time is near... Anglo Indians from various parts of the state are heading to the Newly Elected Chief Minister, Hon'ble Sri Raghubar Das for the seat.
Glen Galstaun is also trying again. This time there seems to be a change to take place. Whoever gets the seat should be from McCluskiegunj or at least from Jharkhand and SHOULD BE FLUENT in spoken ENGLISH in order to handle the community in all aspects. He should be able to understand and respond in English.... My opinion!
The race is expected to end within the next week. Good luck to all. The results will be here on this blog too.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

McCluskiegunj Forests, Being Ruined

McCluskiegunj is a beautiful place because of its forests. The
atmosphere is good and scenic because of the forests. Many varieties
of birds have made home in these forests.
But now this is being ruined as you can see in the pics, by illegal
activities such as cutting of trees and mud, making the forest loose
its charm. Just look how mud has been cut by machines leaving just a
little soil to keep the tree standing, roots cut.
Private Road Contractors use heavy machines for cutting mud to lay
beside newly constructed roads. While tractor owners supply mud in and
around town.
The authorities are aware of these illegal activities but don't bother
or are paid not to bother.