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Monday, July 28, 2014

Good News for McCluskiegunjians!

The dreaded coal business that had just started to function at McCluskiegunj railway station has been put on hold. The pollution department needs to get the credit for it.
We Anglo Indians have been against the siding and have been trying all sources to put a stop to it. Apart from some Non Anglo Indians, most are now in support for the Coal Siding. Yesterday, a group of the siding supporters protested against the stay order passed by the High Court by shouting slogans against the Anglo Indian M.L.A. of Jharkhand and the stay order.
We hope this status of the siding remains for good.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Ruining of McCluskiegunj has begun

So, finally the first lot of coal was despatched yesterday...
Monsoon is here and the fresh mud roads are full of slush. Even then, the trucks are carrying coal. Many trucks get stuck in the slush and have to be helped out by heavy machinery.
The locals that are happy with the coal siding say that at least coal will be available at cheaper rates. HIGH HOPES.
Coal is used in nearly all the residences here and mostly in hostels. It is sold in sacks @ Rs. 200 per sack locally.

Friday, June 20, 2014

McCluskiegunj Coal Siding

The first train load of coal is ready for despatch. The green signal for the destruction of McCluskiegunj has been delayed a bit...

The third protest in connection with the siding showed public against and for the siding. Earlier in two demonstrations there were many well known people of the area including newspaper reporters who were against it. This time most of these people have backed the siding. MoNEy is the said reason behind it.
The few that are left on the side of the opposition party, have written joint applications signed by nearly 300 people to the concerning authorities to stop the siding as it will ruin the place in sense of survival of the local residents and also it would destroy a tourist centre that has great historical values.
All that the people who are against the siding want, is that the siding should be shifted two kilometres before or after the railway station. This will not disturb McCluskiegunj, the railways, the coal suppliers or the coal transporters.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Coal Siding News

Yesterday's protest has been mentioned here.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

McCluskiegunj Coal Sidin

It seems like the proposed coal siding is to start soon. Already a couple of trucks have dumped coal.
Mr. Surendra Nath Pandey (social worker) along with many locals protested against the same. Mr. Pandey says this will destroy the charm of the place.
This time the situation is different. There are many locals that are supporting the opening of the siding. This situation indicates disaster for lovely McCluskiegunj...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stolen Streets of McCluskiegunj

Hi folks!
Many streets/roads that existed within the colonies of McCluskiegunj in the initial time have been captured by local residents since many years and they claim the same to be part of their own land.
The captured roads remained unknown to most of the population here because of the replacements of generations. The roads and/or streets that are now being used to move within the place are also as old as the captured.
Being a vast and open place with scattered bungalows, there was plenty of vacant land to move around without any objection from the landlords, hence nobody considered it necessary to stop the roads from being walled off then. Now, the owners of the said temporary roads have started building as per their needs which is making it inconvenient for public who have to walk the extra bit.
It is import to get back the roads from them who think that nobody knows of their deeds or nobody is concerned for the same.
After all, its public property!

Friday, May 9, 2014

For sake of birds

Don't miss this...
Its not just what it looks like. It is a secret place for the birds that die of thirst. It was a wood apple (Bael) tree which was knocked off from ground level. Its new branches are surrounding it. In the centre is water that keeps cool for thirsty birds.
There are a large variety of birds here in McCluskiegunj. Early in the morning at dawn, the different types of chirping can be heard. It sounds wonderful.